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Caminito del Rey


The Alhambra, the Giralda, the mosque of Córdoba,… All of them great monuments of humanity. Unmatched and unrepeatable in all its artistic and architectural beauty.
But the year 2015 arrives… That year, Andalusia shows the world a place that has nothing to do with the monumentality of Al-Andalus, or the baroque of Andalusian imagery. An exceptional tourist resource, a unique natural space (with permission from Doñana, Cabo de Gata or Sierra Nevada. To give some examples), due to the combination of elements such as industry, nature and culture.
That year, the so-called Caminito del Rey reopened after its reconditioning.

Caminito del Rey. Andalucía Experiencias ®

¿What is the Caminito del Rey?

The Caminito del Rey is a path area built on the walls of the Gaitanes Gorge. It is a path attached to the aforementioned gorge with a length of about 3 kilometers that has long sections and a width of just 1 meter. It begins in the municipality of Ardales, crosses Antequera, and ends in El Chorro (Álora).
This path is hanging on the vertical walls of the gorge and at an average distance of 100 meters above the river.
The trail was built because the Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Chorro, owner of Salto del Gaitanejo and Salto del Chorro, needed access between both “water falls” to facilitate both the passage of maintenance workers and the transportation of materials and surveillance. thereof.
Caminito del Rey. Andalucía Experiencias ®

Why its name?

Work on the trail began in 1901 and was completed in 1905. The path began next to the Renfe (National Train Company) train tracks and ran through the Gaitanes Gorge, connecting and facilitating passage between both sides. To inaugurate this great work, King Alfonso XIII traveled in 1921 to the place at the Conde del Guadalhorce dam, crossing the previously built road. It was from this moment that the locals began to call that road “Caminito del Rey”, a name that remains today.
Caminito del Rey Tour

Take the route. What you should know

I’m going to start with what hardly anyone notices or is not taken into account… Go to the bathroom before starting the route.

1.- The route is largely along an aerial path. There is no bathroom beyond the wide field and the mountain. By this I mean that you have to go to the bathroom first. But are there so many people doing the route not to stop at a tree? YES, There are people, a lot and especially in spring and autumn.


2.- The route is linear and we do not go alone in some sections due to the dimensions of the walkway and the dynamics of the route. There are sections that have an access system to control the flow of the rocorrido and avoid creating long worm tails.

3.- In summer we do not recommend doing the activity. Despite being located in a mountain area, in July and August it is not enjoyed the same as on other dates.

4.- Bringing water and a snack is essential. Taking the guided route lasts about 3 hours, so it is necessary to carry minimal supplies.

5.- At the end of the route, there is a shuttle that takes you back to the starting point. We must bear in mind that there is a queue to use the shuttle. It is somewhat uncomfortable after being on the road for three hours, having to wait in line if it fills up and there is no room.

6.- We recommend doing the route in the morning, first thing in the morning. You have more parking options and avoid the middle of the day.

7.- It is possible that due to weather conditions, the route may be prohibited. Likewise, access to children under 8 years of age is not permitted. Let’s not forget that we are walking along a walkway of just one meter at almost 100 meters of altitude. Knowing my son, for example, I understand and see it as logical that they establish a minimum age for safety.

8.- Access is not found as soon as you arrive by car, there is a previous route of about two kilometers that is done on foot to reach the interpretation center and from there begin the route.

9.- If you suffer from vertigo, rule out doing it. It is also not adapted for people with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair.

10.- Enjoy the environment, you will cross several ecosystems, the views are spectacular, it is a unique experience. It is a protected natural area. Leave your phone on silent mode, or better yet, turn it off.

Caminito del Rey. Andalucía Experiencias ®
Caminito del Rey. Andalucía Experiencias ®

Book your visit

Since 2017, we have offered the option of a private guided tour with all access management and transfers from different cities such as Seville, Malaga or Granada. You can not worry about the shuttle since we will pick you up at the end and the visit will be carried out by one of our team members. In the private option, enjoy all the comfort of taking a spectacular route that you will surely not forget.
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Caminito del Rey. Andalucía Experiencias ®
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