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Al-hambra A photographic walk through the palatine city

New technologies applied to the tourism sector provide us with many facilities when communicating with those who visit us. Being able to send a quote via email, WhatsApp or one of the thousands of applications out there is wonderful. But there are certain things that are difficult to convey. That intangible sensation or experience, which is complex when it comes to being able to convey to travelers and travel agencies about a destination or service that we offer in Andalusia.

It is our experience, passion for our land and the knowledge of a quality product and service, which makes it firm and easy for us to offer a convincing and real story about the destination Andalusia.

It is here, in the specific case of the Alhambra, that any information we can offer you would be like explaining the origin of the Universe in a blog article of no more than 20 lines.

A small touch of the beauty of the palatine city of Al-hamra, so when you want to discover that universe, you know that there are thousands of lines that embrace the history of the Sabika hill. An intangible universe from this medium, but very real if you want to visit it with us.

We leave you a calm, timeless photographic walk and looking forward to showing you each of these corners…

The plasterwork of the palatine city forms a harmonious ensemble with its epigraphy. An outdoor wall book

Generalife with Santa María de la Alhambra in the background

Palace of Charles V

Ismail Tower. Generalife Palace

Lions Fountain

A break time…

Nasrid Palaces from the Generalife

Generalife Gardens

Partal Gardens

Do you want to walk through the gardens or visit its palaces?

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Text: Andalusia Experiencias

Photos by: Miguel A. Gómez – Andalucía Experiencias.

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